Coronavirus Emphasized Need for a Great Website

None of us could have anticipated that a few months ago a then-unknown virus called coronavirus would plunge the world into a global pandemic that meant we have all had to isolate ourselves from other people for months. The effect this has had on our businesses and livelihoods has been huge. It’s safe to say the world will never be the same again. Businesses have either really struggled due to having to close up shop due to government-imposed restrictions. Or they’ve really found themselves with a great work from home strategy, by changing up the products/services they offer or by having an established great online presence.

Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown really has emphasized a need for a great website and online presence. Those who already had this were able to easily adapt to the situation they found themselves in. First and foremost, those with an online presence could easily get an update to their clients on how their services had to temporarily change due to coronavirus.

The businesses that sold products both in a shop and on their website, were able to just send their customers to the website instead. Long-term they may start selling online only, we’ve already seen a downturn in shopping on the high-street before coronavirus. Now everyone is used to shopping online during lockdown, they may just keep it that way. It also saves on the costs of running a physical shop for that business. Those that didn’t have an online shop, were forced to close altogether or at least close temporarily whilst they had an online shop designed. As someone who does this, I know that it isn’t something that can be put together in a matter of hours or a few days.

Digital Marketing has become even more important and this again is easier with a great website. Those that already did digital marketing whether solely or alongside more physical marketing methods were easily able to keep selling and promoting their products meaning it didn’t take them long to adapt to the situation compared to those that didn’t do any.

The difference between having an online presence to not having one during coronavirus was the ability to keep operating and keep making a profit.

How an Online Presence Could Have Helped Your Business

Here are a few ways that a great online presence could have helped your business during the coronavirus lockdown:

  • Physical Events could be changed to online events streamed through your website.
  • Meetings can be held online rather than in-person.
  • Keep on selling your products online rather than shutting up shop.
  • Adapt your service to make it a service that can be sold online.
  • Deliver important information to clients about how they were operating during lockdown.
  • Send documents to clients digitally without that large office printer.

A few good examples of some of the above are below:

  • A bakery started offering subscriptions boxes they could sell online. These boxes contained the recipe and all the ingredients needed.
  • A personal trainer could do their training sessions over a video call.
  • Networking events held on large video conference calls. This also allowed networking on a larger scale. You weren’t just able to network locally. Do you want to network with someone on the other side of the globe? Video calls allow this.

Were you prepared for lockdown and the struggles that came with it? Are you now prepared in case we have to lockdown again? Or if we find ourselves in a similar situation in the future? If not, then get in touch with us now to discuss how we can help you.

How We Can Help You

Here at ADB Web Designs we offer the below services which will help you if we need to lockdown again:

  • Website Design.
  • E-Commerce Shop Design.
  • Office 365 Setup.
  • Microsoft Teams Setup.
  • Advice on Remote Working.

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