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We have carried out various projects for Welcome To Travel since I engaged them as a client. The first thing I did for them was help them get their blog back online after they had been having issues for just over a week of it being inaccessible. Whilst sorting this out we discussed some of the other issues with the site such as speed issues, parts of the website just randomly breaking and I offered them my hosting and maintenance plan to look after the website going forward.

After they decided to go ahead I migrated their website to one of my servers with my WordPress optimized web-stack on and started cleaning up their unused plugins to help with the speed issues. Whilst doing this they had some further issues with other parts of the site breaking and after digging into this it turns out they had been hacked and the site was infested with malware. I resolved this after running multiple different malware scans and manually digging through the WordPress core files for anything that shouldn’t be there.

With the malware and unauthorised access removed I then secured their website using Duo Two-Factor Authentication as well placing the site behind CloudFlare’s web application firewall and anti-DDoS service as well as installing WordFence to regularly scan for malware and vulnerabilities that need fixing.

It was a good job we did that as CloudFlare did manage to block a DDoS attack on the website a few months later. After the site had been stable for a while and just undertaking small tasks consulting on various bits of the website ite became clear that the website in its current form and design wasn’t going to be suitable in the future with the things that Darryl wanted it to do so I consulted with and helped build an entire new website from scratch using a much improved and future proof theme whilst ensuring any SEO we had built up wasn’t lost with the re-design. This was finished and launched to coincide with their new Syndey tour launch the same day. Since then they have seen both an increase in traffic and conversions on the website and we continue to have monthly meetings to discuss any small projects that need completing for the Website as well as carrying out regular monthly maintenance.

At first I was a bit sceptical about hiring Adam for web consultancy as I believed the travel website which we have was running optimally.

Adam looked at the back end of the website and was able to increase our page speed, remove all viruses and ensure that we were no longer hacked. An issue which we had from hiring somebody from Fiverr.

We now have an efficient and fully working website and have engaged Adam for an ongoing consultancy role with our business.

He is trusting, efficient and a great communicator which enables us to make a more informed decision for everything IT related.

Darryl Newby

Happy Client


Welcome To Travel



Oct, 2020





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